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What if you could improve every single one of your relationships—personal or professional—by discovering more about yourself and how you interact with others? Through this deeply personal exploration of how you listen, relate, discern and communicate, you’ll:

  • Explore how the Communication Cycle forms the foundation of all of your interpersonal communication;
  • Improve your ability to attentively listen and see how it can be the most important thing a person can do for another;
  • Appreciate the impact your non-verbal behavior has on your verbal communication;
  • Develop a more effective way to have difficult conversations;
  • Feel empowered to strengthen and facilitate healing in broken relationships;
  • See and celebrate the good in others; see and celebrate the good in yourself.

This is no ordinary training! After three days of powerful classroom instruction, experiential activity, and group discussion, you’ll be equipped with the tools to have deeper, more meaningful relationships and inspired by the course’s ability to bring about a more compassionate world.

The knowledge and skills I gained from OCL allowed me to absolutely rock a graduate school admissions interview! I'm so grateful for this free, yet invaluable opportunity. Bri Beck, South Carolina Chapter Alumnus
OCL has given me the skills and the confidence to have (what I used to call confrontational conversations) conflict resolution conversations as well as teach my team to do the same. Amy Van Liew, South Carolina Chapter Alumnus
Firefighters have repeated exposure to the suffering of others. And the 24-hour shift lifestyle in the close confines of a station can be challenging. Understanding the value of listening is critical within the fire service culture. Our Community Listens gives us the skill set to deal with these issues and take care of one another. Greg Bulanow, Fire Chief/South Carolina Chapter (Charleston) Alumnus

Best three days spent with some wonderful people and great instructors. I was amazed at the bond that was formed in such a short period of time. I learned so much about myself and how important my behaviors are toward others.

Pam Harmon, South Carolina Chapter Alumnus
This class helped validate who I am and how I function socially, but also helped me to see the great opportunities others bring. Kat Seastrunck, South Carolina Chapter Alumnus

Apply Now

When answering the questions below, please give thoughtful consideration to your responses and provide us more than a simple one sentence reply. We choose our roster carefully as each class has a limited number of participants.  We do incur a significant cost to share this experience with our participants. Therefore, spots are first offered to candidates who have a strong desire to incorporate new skills into their life and your answers to the questions below are considered accordingly.

By submitting your application for consideration, you understand the time commitment required and agree to attend this class in its entirety.

This training is held over the course of three days. Class begins at 8:00am and ends by 5:00pm each day. Please note: Details can vary by location, official beginning and ending times (and all other pertinent information) will be communicated to you when you have been confirmed into a session and receive your Welcome e-mail.

We teach in a stair step manner and it is vital that you are present for all the modules to receive the full experience. Attendance at ALL sessions is mandatory for participation. As word spreads about the life changing results of this incredible training, our classes are filling up quickly and we are accumulating long wait lists for each session. We appreciate your understanding of the seriousness of the commitment you are making and ask that if you are unable to commit to the entire session, that you do not apply.

Beginning with April 2020 classes: Communication Skills Training Pricing Structure

We offer our Communication Skills Training to make a difference, not a profit. To take a class, simply apply. Once you are accepted into the class you will receive a welcome email where you can register and pay what you can afford for your training.

Why do we ask people to pay what they can and not a set fee? It’s simple: we don’t ever want money to be a barrier to learning. If a person can’t afford to pay more than the $50 enrollment fee to take the class, they have no obligation to do so. 

So what’s the catch? That’s just it, there isn’t one. We simply want to ensure that every possible person has the opportunity to take our Communication Skills Training, regardless of their ability to pay.

Because teaching people to listen to understand and speak to be heard creates a kinder, more caring world. 

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