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  • CLS - Dinner- Cool Change : We are unpackng DISC in new ways! 1244 Belk Dr, Mt Pleasant, SC Nov 12, 2019 6:15 - 8:15 Join us for dinner at Grimaldi's in Mt Pleasant Towne Center on Tues, November 12th. This Continuous Learning Session is at NO CHARGE and your paid dinner is optional (& delicious!) Did you miss our last lunch session of the same topic? You're in luck for another opportunity!

    Pre-registration is required as we have limited space. REGISTER HERE.

    "A Better Understanding of Ourselves and Others through DISC"

    Understanding our tendency gives us direction for personal growth and adjustment. We may not know how others see us. In seeing their perspective, we see our blind spots. This self-reflection and honesty become strengths for growth and connection.

    Knowing ourselves in new ways, we discover at least one thing others can learn about us that will help them understand our style better and thus create easier communication. 

    Assessing the tendencies in others helps us develop a plan for improved communication. This process of assessment: Observe, Assess, and Recognize allows us to see others’ styles and lets us style-flex in impactful ways. Using all that we learn through the DISC, we are the message, one conversation at a time. 

    *As a reminder, these CLS sessions are for OCL ALUMNI ONLY. 

    Thank you!
  • How to Be a Better Listener - St George 506 Parler Ave, St George, SC Nov 13, 2019 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Join Our Community Listens for a discussion & presentation that will better your work AND home relationships! Open to the public & at no charge.
    Weds, November 13th from 6pm-8pm at Dorchester Country Library 

    “How to be a Better Listener: Understanding Body Language and Gaining New Skills in Communication”

    Good communication is the foundation of all relationships, whether at home or at work. The lack of communication causes disconnects and misunderstandings. When we are aware of our nonverbal messages and effectively practice reflective listening, we communicate well.

    During this talk, we explore how words are only 10% of our message, while nonverbal cues and tone comprise (of) 90% of what we are saying.  We learn how to use the five reflective listening skills to deepen our understanding and help others feel heard. You will leave, having tangible tools to implement into your life immediately. These skills will improve your communication in all aspects of your life and lead to deeper connections. 

    RSVP is requested in advance & online HERE.
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