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  • Communication Tips for Parents - Mt Pleasant 1400 Carolina Park Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC Feb 18, 2020 6:15 PM - 7:30 PM

    Join Our Community Listens & Parent Coach, Christine Donavan, for a discussion & presentation to learn immediate & tangible ways to improve communication with your children. Tuesday, February 18th at Wando Library - Mt Pleasant starting at 6:15pm. (Adults only, please)

    This session is designed for everyone who has or works with children, whether the ages are toddlers, teens, or adult children.

    *How to give advice that your children will not reject
    *How to talk so that your children will listen to you.
    *How to get your children to talk to you.
    *How to stop having to nag your children to get them to do what they are supposed to do.
    *How to stop yelling or being yelled at.
    *Bring peace to your home and your relationships.

    Good communication is the foundation of all relationships, whether at home or at work. The lack of communication causes disconnects and misunderstandings. When we are aware of our nonverbal messages and effectively practice reflective listening, we communicate well.

    During this talk, we explore how words are only 10% of our message, while nonverbal cues and tone comprise (of) 90% of what we are saying.  We learn how to use the five reflective listening skills to deepen our understanding and help others feel heard. You will leave, having tangible tools to implement into your life immediately. These skills will improve your communication in all aspects of your life and lead to deeper connections with your children AND others. 

    RSVP is requested in advance & online through link HERE.

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