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Greater St. Louis Chapter

Welcome to the Greater St. Louis Chapter of OCL. Affectionately named “The Gateway to Listening!” by those that have experienced the impact of our message in their lives.

By leading transformational learning experiences in Illinois, Missouri, and Iowa, The Gateway to Listening is connecting lives from all around the area.  We are igniting change, equipping individuals, strengthening businesses and transforming communities.  The St. Louis metropolitan area includes 15 counties, giving us the opportunity to transform 2.8 million lives!  We are collaborating with varies agencies, to include nonprofit, government, education, and faith-based leaders to share our message, grow connections in our community and expand our reach.  Our chapter’s message is spreading across the U.S., with participants joining us from Virginia, Texas, Ohio, and Tennessee.    We see ourselves building bridges between hurting – healing, teaching – learning, talking – listening, managing – leading.

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