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    Every member of our second-grade team has been trained and its part of our daily meetings and on our agendas. We’re all aware of kind of the different behavioral tendencies that we bring to that team and that’s been really powerful for us.  For me personally, it’s helped me to be a better listener with students, parents, at parent-teacher conferences, and with our staff.

    " Becky Oliver, Teacher/Colorado Chapter (Aspen) Alumnus
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    Lots of courses have components of communication in them, but this is three days of intense practice and practical use of communication.  So it really goes along with our components of taking care of our clients who we are learning to listen to better, and engage them more so that they feel they are a partner in their health care as opposed to a component of their health care…

    " Jolene Singers, Health Clinic Leader/Colorado Chapter (Aspen) Alumnus
  • "In the end we were able to come to the middle and work out a positive solution to a potentially volatile situation… Without OCL training, my reaction probably would have come off as inflammatory or disrespectful.  I was able to control my responses and listen to the sheriff and his message, and I feel my life and neighborhood is a little bit better for it." , Colorado Chapter (Aspen) Alumnus
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    If you’re looking for a way to improve an organization or your personal lives, I’d suggest you take this course and if it works for you as well as it has for the City of Aspen, implement it into your organization.

    " Steve Barwick, Aspen City Manager/Colorado Chapter (Aspen) Alumnus
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