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Web Series / Effective Confrontation

How to get what you want without the drama

Effective Confrontation is the #1 skill OCL participants want to improve. To help, we are offering a new 5-part web series to equip you to effectively manage conflict. This pilot series is a fully funded opportunity and is open to anyone at no cost. Our three-day class is not a prerequisite to attend this series so invite your friends!

Each month, participants will focus on a different aspect of confrontation, intentionally developing crucial aspects to improve overall effectiveness.  Once registered, you will receive pre-work to ground your learning, and prepare you for group discussion. Podcasts, blogs and skill snippets are provided to deepen skills development. NOTE: For your convenience, we offer 3 class times per month -- you only need to sign up for ONE option each month.

To deepen your learning experience, we encourage you review the following podcasts, skill snippets and recorded webinar prior to beginning the series:

Podcast: Acceptance vs. Agreement
Podcast: The Onion Slide
Podcast: Confrontation: Help Me Do This Well
Skill Snippet: The Three Moves
Recorded Webinar: Can I Accept Your Perspective?
Recorded Webinar: The Power of Choice 
Recorded Webinar: Should I Confront?

Month Name Class Description  Class Registration Supplements 
 Oct  "The Feelings Deep Within" This 90-minute session will explore the feelings aspect of a confrontation message. We acknowledge that recognizing and naming our feelings are vital to a healthy balance of logic and emotion. When we analyze the difference between primary and secondary feelings, we diffuse the emotion we are experiencing and are in a better position to express our needs.


 Nov  "What Is Really Bugging Me?"  This class focuses on recognizing and stating specific behavior as we ask for change. It is often our initial tendency to make a statement wrapped in judgment instead sticking to the facts. When we state facts, we are more likely to be heard and the other person is less defensive. Focusing on observation and being able to state the facts are vital to our ability to effectively communicate, influence, and lead well.   
 Dec "The Impact of Impact and Recognizing Others" We'll dive into the impact our behavior can have on another. Impact is a critical yet often missed component in a confrontation message. Stating the impact gives the recipient an opportunity to understand how their behavior is affecting others. Clarity of impact can lead to behavior change or reinforce positive behavior.  
 Jan "The Art of Crafting and Delivering Confrontation Messages This session provides practice in crafting and delivering an effective confrontation message. With emphasis on nonverbal communication, participants will deliver confrontation messages in small groups using the FBI formula and receive feedback as to the effectiveness of their message.  
 Feb "Putting It All Together- A Learning Lab for Effective Confrontation" In this final installment, participants will practice delivering a confrontation message within small groups where they will receive immediate feedback and gain understanding of the other’s perspective. In pre-work, participants are asked to develop an effective confrontation message based on a real-time problem using the FBI formula. They will also provide to the breakout group a brief backstory (2-3 sentences) describing the confronted’s perspective on the situation. 
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